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Sept. 13-15, 2021 | Atlanta, GA

Mazzaroppi Engineering S.r.l.


Company Profile

Mazzaroppi Engineering Srl manufactures and installs glass processing machinery. The long process of research and development and our continuous attention to detail, has led us to develop machinery complete with patented technology.

Our products:

- Tempering furnace for flat glass

- Bending and tempering furnace with press, suitable for making bend glass with different shapes 

- Bending and tempering furnace with roll bending module, suitable for making bend glass with regular radius

- Simple bending furnace with molds 

- Laminating furnace with our patents for heating and clean edges allows to obtain more production in short time

- HST furnace for "Heat Soak" test

- Multifunction machine, this patented technology relates to a multifunctional system for tempering and bending in which there are more treatment lines to the output of a single heating section

In the production of Mazzaroppi Engineering are included special projects developed starting from specific needs of the customer.

Thanks to thirty years experience, we performed revamping, upgrade, modernization of older machines both our production and of the competitors.


Products & Information



The TP Compact is a innovative tempering machine that can temper any type of flat glass (float, reflective, enamelled, screen-printed, processed and low-emissivity glass).

The TP Compact needs no further input. It is extremely easy to tweak parameters, such as glass thickness during production. This means you will be able to change the glass thickness without having to stop the machine or wait for the temperature to adjust. 

Thanks to our special patent and high quality materials, the system will reach an operating temperature of 680 °C in 60 minutes when it is first switched on and in 30 minutes at each subsequent session. This allows you to switch it off every night or over the weekend and switch it on again when you need it, rather than wasting your resources on electricity that does not contribute to your production. This eliminates the cost of maintaining the furnace temperature and makes the TP Compact not only cost effective, but more sustainable than any other tempering machine on the market.

The TP Compact’s heating section is entirely managed by our software, which independently regulates the zone in the furnace. Each zone is equipped with its own resistance, thermocouple, static relay, fuse, and dedicated temperature control channel. 



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