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Sept. 13-15 | Atlanta, GA

Interlayer Solutions, Inc.


Company Profile

Interlayer Solutions Inc. more than 12 years providing high quality products for the glass lamination industry around the world.

EVALAYER, our flagship product, is a high quality thermoset EVA film developed for laminated glass applications with unparalleled molecular cross-linking capabilities. EVALAYER offers to the market the highest EVA density level D-380 for the strongest edge adhesion to the glass.

EVALAYER film is ANSI Z97.1 certified and it is part of the SGCC’s approved interlayer list for safety glass. 

EVALAYER allows glass laminators to work with a wide range of decorative inserts like PET films, fabrics, meshes and polycarbonates also organic, metal, stones and electronic inserts (PDLC), adding value to laminated glass products.

Interlayer Solutions Inc., also provides complementary products like PET coloured decorative films, metallic coated fabrics and vacuum tapes.

There is only one EVALAYER. It is from us, from North America.

For more information, please call (1) 514-326-4003 or send your request to   or visit us at

Products & Information

EVALAYER High Density Level D-380

EVALAYER High Density Level D-380 is a full cross-linked thermoset EVA film for glass lamination that offers the highest density level of EVA component in the market. By having higher density, the adhesion on the laminated glass edges will be stronger, the UV rays rejection and the moisture resistant will be higher and the sound proofing performance will be better, making the final product very stable over time.

Combining the unparalleled cross-linking capabilities with the D-380 Density level of EVALAYER, the laminated glass producers will have unlimited options to offer to their clients on safety, decorative and architectural laminated glass among others.

Density is a measure of mass per volume. Using EVALAYER D-380 films is the same of having a new bottle of water filled to drink. In the case of EVALAYER all the roll is filled with EVA component. Lower density EVA films could be compared with partial-filled new bottles of water. Would you buy a half-filled new bottle of water?

Contact us for more information. You get more, you can do more.

There is only one EVALAYER High Density Level D-380. It is from us.


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