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The Tradition Continues Sept. 13-15 | Atlanta, GA

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Part of a multibusiness group with facilities in USA, Europe and Asia, Cefla Finishing is a global provider of surface finishing technologies with a special focus on techniques for glass decoration. Pioneers since the mid-1900s, basing their technologies on ground-breaking patents, Cefla Finishing is a leading manufacturer of industrial coating equipment and integrated turnkey solutions for the embellishment of glass, plastics, ceramics, wood, fibre cement, composite materials and metal.

Experience gained working with leading global glass manufacturers and investment in R&D has accelerated the development of equipment enabling high-quality application uniformity, transfer efficiency and ease of use. Technologies range from roller coating with unique laser-engraved application rollers to spray coating, plus the appropriate drying technologies. 

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The technologies range from roller coating to spray coating, as well as the drying procedures. Designed in our finishing laboratories around the world, we have implemented patents in the field of spray coating and with regard to solar panels. Our roller coating solutions incorporate a high-performance laser-engraved application roller ensuring uniformity and superior transfer efficiency. Our software solutions also support customers who handle glass, bringing them further benefits in terms of productivity, cost-effectiveness and coating quality.

Our approach to glass coating responds to the evolving demands of manufacturers and third-party coating companies who need to achieve top quality results while being faced with the following issues:

  • Ease of use and quick set-up procedures

  • Flexibility enabling frequent coating changeovers  

  • Application uniformity and precision

  • Reducing manual tasks through automation and line integration


Coats up to four perimetric sections of a glass sheet, thereby appearing as a frame. Avoids the need for manual coating and manage automatically different sheet sizes and coating widths. Easy set-up for all coating types: ceramic glazes or silicone-based as well as organic paints. Exclusive application technique using dosing roller and pyramid-engraved application roller. 


Patented roller coating technology with remarkable application capacity allowing high coverage and uniformity values, thanks to the particular engraving of the applicator roller. A solution which reduces drastically downtimes, maintenance costs and with a user-friendly HMI. 


Easy of use roller coating machine suitable for ceramic glazes and organic products. A technological choice granting maximum reliability and uniformity application.

Prima Glass

The ready-to-go spray solution to automate your glass decoration process. Extreme flexibility in color changes. Ease to use also for non-qualified staff, thereby reducing labour costs and minimising turnover issues.

Mito Glass

Reciprocating spray coating machine easy to use and fit for frequent colour changeovers.. Designed plenum accentuates transfer efficiency and the contact-less reading barrier helps reduce paint consumption and VOC emissions.


Consolidated design ovens to optimise air circulation and drying efficiency: the special design enables a considerable energy saving. Ceramic conveyor rollers ensure maximum reliability at high temperatures.


Cooling tunnel with high-speed air blade ventilation on both sides of glass sheet to increase effectiveness and speed up the process.


Patented roller coating technology applying anti-reflective coating with over 100 machines installed worldwide in solar panel leading industries. High-precision uniformity enables significant savings on coating costs by keeping consumption to the strict essential. Elevated coating quality, minimum rejection rate and suitable to work 24/7.


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