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A Great Start to GlassBuild Connect and an Exciting Time Ahead

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"It is times like these that
demonstrate the strength,
willpower and fortitude of
the glass industry."


Wow, what a great experience so far! GlassBuild Connect has truly been an educational and perfect opportunity to communicate with some of the leaders in the industry and so many of our customers. We are excited to showcase our newest FuseCube Express coating machine to decision makers from so many fabricators, as well as interact with new contacts worldwide. Although, we are not able to speak face to face, the virtual capabilities from GlassBuild Connect have gone beyond my expectations. The list of industry educators and topics are some of the best and the time allocated for networking has been fantastic.
We are excited to continue our exhibition with GlassBuild Connect through the rest of the month, while promoting the easy-to-clean benefits Diamon-Fusion offers and the FuseCube Express. The overwhelming and positive reaction from the industry has been awesome! We truly appreciate the support from the NGA, our customers, and the entire industry. This event has offered us the best of both worlds, participating in a global glass event and interacting with industry players at a time when we really need to come together, as one. It is times like these that demonstrate the strength, willpower and fortitude of the glass industry. So, as we continue down the road of this ‘new normal’, it's imperative that we continue to lift each other up, just as we always have, to weather this storm and come out stronger than before. 

Sessions I am looking forward to this coming week:

  • Annual Industry Forecast on Sept. 8
  • Global Glass Industry Trends on Sept. 9, with Jorma Vitkala 
  • Inside the Install, from the Shower Door Pros on Sept. 10

(View the complete schedule)

Thank you to the National Glass Association for a wonderful event.

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