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IMPORTANT: Regarding "Unofficial Vendors"

Show Management selects vendors for the show based on price and service. It is a long process and we sincerely try to provide our exhibitors with value as well as quality. The trade show industry is very competitive. Many companies that provide products or services to exhibitors give the impression that they are official vendors of the show via fax, telephone or mailings. If you choose to do business with a vendor that is NOT identified as an "official vendor", please note the following:

  1. GlassBuild America Show Management did not provide your information to this vendor. It was obtained from an
    outside source.
  2. Because Show Management is not contracted with these vendors, you, as an exhibitor have no recourse and we cannot mediate any type of disagreement that may occur.
  3. Some of these vendors boast better prices and “no hidden costs”. However, more often than not, there ARE hidden costs. As an example, a company providing carpet will not tell you that their product is considered “freight” by the Official Service Contractor (Freeman). Therefore, you will receive additional charges on your drayage bill.
  4. Companies that purchase hotel rooms in bulk (clearinghouses) and resell them by aggressively marketing to exhibiting companies at various shows are jeopardizing Show Management’s contractual obligations to the official hotels as well as predictions on the amount of rooms needed for the show in the future.